Best Practices for Remote Business Meetings

Remote business meetings are a key part of effective virtual communication practices. Whether you have a fully distributed team or employees that work at home, it’s vital to ensure they are engaged in meetings that can help your business grow.

To help you organize more productive remote business meetings, we’ve compiled a list of best practices and tips. By adhering to the basic rules of meeting etiquette, and following the proper steps following the meeting, you can increase productivity and ensure that your remote employees are able to complete their tasks within the deadlines that you have set.

Start by breaking the ice. In remote meetings, icebreakers and other fun exercises for employee engagement can help participants express their opinions and to participate more freely. This will help to build strong bonds between team members. A productive and happy workplace is the result of this.

Accept your role as facilitator. Engaging in the facilitation of a remote meeting is the most important factor to its success. Make use of your voice or screen sharing to engage participants. Make sure you are clear in your language to ensure that the team members who are remote can understand your ideas.

Terminate your meetings on time. People are more distracted than ever, and so a well-planned, short meeting with a clearly defined agenda can be more effective than a long, boring session of fluff.

Send an overview of your remote meetings to each participant. Include an outline of each discussion item and the person responsible for each action item. This will enable your team to quickly use the information from the meeting and keep them on track to complete their deliverables prior to the deadline.

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