What to Look For in a Free VPN

A free VPN helps protect your device from cybercriminals and hackers. It does this by routing your data to a secure server in another country. It also allows you to remove restrictions or censored content and stay anonymous online by hiding your IP. However, not all free VPNs are all created equal. The top free VPNs offer AES-256 encryption that is industry standard as well as a kill button and a policy of not logging data to ensure your privacy. They should also offer numerous servers, high speeds and the ability to connect multiple devices.

Free VPNs have to generate funds, and they usually rely on aggressive advertising or selling your data to cover their costs. These practices could jeopardize your digital security. Even worse, many “free” VPNs are loaded with malware that could affect your device and cause www.freevpninfo.com/useful-board-software-to-assist-ceos-and-executives harm to it with malware.

Fortunately, the majority the top-rated VPNs are free and don’t engage these shady methods. They also provide a solid performance. However, they also feature severe limitations that make them less than ideal for everyday use. Some are, for instance, limited to bandwidth or monthly traffic at 1GB per month or day. Certain VPNs restrict your ability to stream or torrent and some prevent you from doing either.

You need a VPN that is not just fast, stable and easy-to-use but also safe. The best VPNs for free provide huge money-back guarantees that last at least 30 day which means you can try them for free.

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